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The booking process can be devided into three simple steps. You only pay 10% deposit to secure your booking, the rest at arrival.

1. Find your Hostel or Hotel
2. Choose amount of persons and period you want to stay
3. Pay deposit and you're finished!

How do I make a booking?

You need a valid credit card to book online. Your credit card will be charged for a 10% deposit (downpayment) and a booking fee of 2 USD. Once you have selected your destination, preferred property, number of people and number of nights you will be prompted for your credit card details to confirm your booking. You will receive an on-screen confirmation of your reservation which you should print and bring to the property. We will also send the booking confirmation to your email address. The balance due when you arrive at the property will be clearly displayed on your booking confirmation. It will always be in the local currency of the property

If I book a Hotel or Hostel, will this booking be valid and secured?

Yes, since we work in "real-time" against the hotel database we can also guaruantee your booking. Your bed cannot be "sold" to someone else, even not while you're processing your booking. The room is locked until you pay the deposit or leave this site. Therefore, noone else can book the same bed.

What do I have to pay to guarantee my booking?

You have to pay the 10% deposit to secure your booking. The rest is paid on arrival. If you regret or doesn't show up on arrival date, you will loose the deposit. There is also a small cost of 2 USD called "service charge" for each booking.

What is a private room?

A private room is a room where you will need to book the entire room. For example, three persons booking a four-bed private room will need to select and pay for four persons if they wish to have a private room. If you set your preference to private room and there is no private room availability, the website will offer the best alternative available.

What is a room called Ensuite?

A room called Ensuite always has its own bathroom.

What is the 10% deposit for?

When you book online, through our online credit card processing company, we take a 10% deposit (downpayment) for your reservation plus a 2$ USD booking fee. This amount will not be refunded to you on arrival at the property. The balance of 90% of your accommodation cost as shown on your booking confirmation is due on arrival at the hostel.

Is the 10% deposit refundable on my arrival?

No, the 10% deposit is taken from your credit card at the time of booking, this is a downpayment and is non refundable. Once you check in it should be deducted from the overall balance due on arrival at the property booked

Can I get transfer from the airport to the Hostel?

Many Hostels have this service, sometimes it's written in the hostel description. However, after you have booked a hostel/hotel you'll get a mail with all contact info to the hostel, both mail and phone number. You can contact them and ask for this extra service.

If I have a young child what do you advise booking?

We would advise that you book a bed for any young children. Hostels will display on their microsite any conditions they may have in relation to children and babies

Do I need to reconfirm before I arrive?

No, there is no need to reconfirm prior to your arrival. Your booking confirmation number is adequate confirmation of your booking at your chosen property

How can I get in contact with the Hostel or Hotel?

After you have booked a hostel/hotel you'll get a mail with all contact info to the hostel, both e-mail and phone number. Feel free to contact them about anything that is unclear.

Is it secure to pay directly online?

Yes, all sensitive data is sent through an encrypted connection with the "Verisign" system. This is the best way to guarantee payments online.

What Creditcards can I use ?

It differs from hostels to hostels but all Hostels support Visa and MasterCard creditcards. Some hostels also support payment through PayPal Other supported cards might be Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Maestro UK, Solo, JCB and Laser.

I need to cancel my reservation what do I do?

If you wish to cancel your booking you must contact the property directly using the contact details on your booking confirmation, please remember to quote your booking reference in any correspondence with the property. In the event of a cancellation the booking fee and deposit are non-refundable. You must give at least 24 hours cancellation notice to the property to avoid a no-show charge. The no-show charge is the total of the first night's accommodation cost and will be charged to your credit card if you do not notify the property in time.

I need to amend my reservation, what do I do?

You should contact the property directly to request an amendment to your reservation. Contact details are clearly noted on your confirmation e-mail, please quote your booking reference number in any correspondence with the property. Acceptance of any amendments is at the discretion of the property concerned. If an amendment of your reservation is not possible your deposit and booking fee are non-refundable.

I have no confirmation what do I do?

Once you click the "Confirm" button it should only take up to 1 minute to receive confirmation of your booking on screen. Do not click the confirm button more than once or you will be charged more than once. We also send you a confirmation e-mail with your booking details if you have given us a valid e-mail address. Please note that due to the nature of the internet and individual e-mail servers that sometimes confirmation e-mails will not be received. As a precaution all your bookings are also stored in our online travel itinerary planner, "My Bookings" (above link). When you log into your account you will be able to view your booking.

For how long and for how many persons can I make a reservation?

Every single reservation allows normally 10 persons and a period up to 14 nights. Some accommodations allow less nights to be booked for each booking. If you want to stay longer or if your party consist of more than 10 persons, you'll need to make more than one reservation.

Can I make my reservation through mail or by phone ?

No, the booking service engine only allows reservations online. This is one way of keeping the prices low. Please notice that we Always answer your questions from our mail support within 5 hours.

Can you please send more material and pictures about the hostels?

All information avaliable of the different accommodations is shown directly on our site. After you have booked a hostel/hotel you'll get a mail with all contact info to the hostel, both mail and phone number. You are free to ask the hostel personal for more details.

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